Security and Data Integrity is the most critical component of any IT infrastructure. At ProMedical, we ensure the utmost in client and patient security when storing, manipulating, and handling sensitive data.


At the core of your practice is the need to adhere with industry conformity and various compliance frameworks. As a company built upon strict enforcement of these underlying regulations, we make it our mission to ensure you, too, have this established fundamental core.


The way we compute and the methods used to do so change on a daily basis. It’s an exciting time to be part of an era in which the experience between us and technology evolves so quickly. ProMedical has established the underlying compute and cloud frameworks required to ensure your business stays on track and always ahead of the curve.


In simplicity, lies complexity. Every form of technical interaction you encounter utilizes a packet of data containing information required for you to communicate your business to the world. At ProMedical, we have a dedicated, fully staffed operations center to ensure your network is operational 24/7/365.


Your every day is our every day. In the complexity of your IT fabric exist areas of failure which can affect business operations. Utilizing various monitoring and automation technologies, ProMedical is able to have visibility into every device and operation occurring within your network. This insight allows us to be proactive in ensuring your business and staff are always connected.


No matter the technical challenge or initiative, our team is always ready. From desktop repair to enterprise-class networks, ProMedical is equipped to handle any scale. Always at your service.

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